Data Services for the Digital Earth

Our Vision:
Let's Re-imagine Space to Solve the Big Data Problem!

The growing challenges facing our global society requires us to think outside the box. With our digitally enabled lives and our drive to better understand our world, data production is growing exponentially.

We cannot solve the environmental and societal challenges we are facing without first solving the problem of the "Data Deluge" as we move beyond the "Big Data Era" and into the "Huge Data Era" (where Moore's Law no longer prevails). Just throwing more CPUs at the problem will no longer be enough - we need to be smarter and rethink the way we work with our data.

At Pangaea Innovations we believe the value in data is not in what it cost you to acquire it, but in what you can use it to do. Our aim is to provide cost-effective, value-added data solutions to our clients to help them achieve their goals using their own data without them needing to be domain experts themselves. We help clients break down their data barriers and to enable them to truly realise the potential in their data to work smarter, faster and cheaper. We provide novel Next Generation data solutions to help our clients take control of the Digital Revolution.

We are a scientific research and data analytics company focused on the delivery of novel data driven solutions to key problems facing organisations across a wide range of industry sectors. At Pangaea Innovations we are experts in solving the the "Big Data" problem at both the local and global scales.

We are making the Digital Twin a reality!

Our Expertise

Digital Earth Solutions
Discrete Global Grid Systems

This is the core of our business and we are experts in the development, standardisation and delivery of Digital Earth Technologies and Services. Our Digital Earth Platform, TerraNexus, enables clients to integrate data from multiple sources, at multiple scales and in 3D/4D. All without needing a costly Geographical Information System (or an expensive team of GIS experts) in order to perform data integration and AI Data Analysis. If you data has a location we can help you integrate it better and smarter.

Spatial Data

We are world leaders in the development, implementation and standardisation of advanced spatial data technologies, with over 10 years driving paradigm shifting data innovation through the Open Geospatial Consortium. If you have a spatial data management issue that is difficult to solve, or costly to implement, using conventional data management approaches we want to hear from you. We will spend the time needed to understand your challenges and to develop tailored Next Generation solutions that will enable you to work smarter, faster and cheaper.

Scientific Software Development
Data Analytics

We are experts in scientific software development, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), with over 22 years researching, developing and implementing advanced data analytics solutions and scientific software applications across the Mineral Exploration, Research and Government Sectors. We have the skills to not just bring your data together but to enable you to generate new insights from it.

Asset Management

Managing both moving and fixed assets is a difficult thing to do. Particularly, in urban environments where you need 3D/4D solutions and not 2D mapping applications. Through our Digital Earth Platform, TerraNexus, we can help you take the complexity out of the asset management challenge - at both the local and the global scale. We can help you monitor, track and turn your regular assets into smart assets that can help you leap frog your competition.

Who We Work With

We will work with any organisation seeking to better manage their spatial data. From Startups and SMEs to Multi-Nationals, NGOs and Government Agencies.

Some of our current and recent clients and collaborators include: The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research NZ, Natural Resources Canada, OpenWork, Ecere Corporation, Surround Australia Pty. Ltd., Surround New Zealand, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), Truthian, BDK Create

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updated on Friday 26 March, 2021