Mortilver Add-on Software Modules


Module Details
Mortilver-Lite provides rapid analysis of Near-Infrared Spectral data using existing Predictive Models. It is currently targeted at the Oyster Industry.
Module Usecases
* Bartlett, Jill & Maher, William & Purss, Matthew. (2018). Band width selection data from Near Infra-red Spectral (NIRS) quantitative modelling of energy storage components (protein, lipid, glycogen) for single and multi-bivalve species models. Data in Brief. 18. 10.1016/j.dib.2018.04.054. * Bartlett, Jill & Maher, William & Purss, Matthew. (2018). Cellular energy allocation analysis of multiple marine bivalves using near infrared spectroscopy. Ecological Indicators. 90. 10.1016/j.ecolind.2018.03.007.