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Mortilver is a data driven analytics engine that enables rapid predictive models of Near-Infrared Spectral data using robust statistical approaches. Mortilver is a novel data driven approach to the problem of correlating spectral signatures to chemical assay data.

Mortilver is currently configured for applications in the Oyster and Shellfish industry, but it has application across a wide set of industries. If you would like us to tailor Mortilver to your particular use case please contact us.

We have three tiers of licence for Mortilver:
* Pre-Paid Licences
* Research Licences
* Enterprise Licences

Try Mortilver-lite!

Current Pre-Paid Licence Bundles include:

Pre-Paid BundleCost per sample (ex. GST) Total Cost (ex. GST)
100 Sample PackAUD$ 36.40AUD$ 3,640
300 Sample PackAUD$ 31.20AUD$ 9,360
600 Sample PackAUD$ 28.60 AUD$ 17,160
1000 Sample PackAUD$ 26.00AUD$ 26,000
1500 Sample PackAUD$ 23.40 AUD$ 35,100
3000 Sample PackAUD$ 20.80AUD$ 62,400

* This represents between an 80% to 90% cost saving compared to the cost of conventional laboratory services to produce a similar result!

If you're interested in either a Research or Enterprise Licence please contact us for a quote so we can tailor your level of access to your needs.

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Module Details
Mortilver-Lite provides rapid analysis of Near-Infrared Spectral data using existing Predictive Models. It is currently targeted at the Oyster Industry.
Module Usecases
* Bartlett, Jill & Maher, William & Purss, Matthew. (2018). Band width selection data from Near Infra-red Spectral (NIRS) quantitative modelling of energy storage components (protein, lipid, glycogen) for single and multi-bivalve species models. Data in Brief. 18. 10.1016/j.dib.2018.04.054. * Bartlett, Jill & Maher, William & Purss, Matthew. (2018). Cellular energy allocation analysis of multiple marine bivalves using near infrared spectroscopy. Ecological Indicators. 90. 10.1016/j.ecolind.2018.03.007.