Data Services for the Digital Earth

Consulting and Professional Services

Geophysical Consulting

We offer geophysical consulting services to the applied geophysics industries.

Specialist Consulting Services Include:

  • Airborne geophysical survey design

  • Geophysical survey management and quality control assessment

  • Geophysical data processing and interpretation

  • Merging of multiple geophysical surveys

  • Integrated data fusion services

  • Training in new methods of applied geophysics and spatial analysis

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Spatial Data Consulting Services

We provide spatial data consulting services to a broad range of industry sectors dealing with the integration of spatial data.

We work with clients to help them become part of the digital revolution that is the Digital Earth!
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Scientific Software Solutions

We provide tailored scientific software solutions to help clients realise the value and opportunities presented by the new world of 'Big Earth Data'. We specialise in parallel scientific python devopment in linux, unix and MS Windows envirionments.

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Smart Asset Management

Managing both moving and fixed assets is a difficult thing to do. Particularly, in urban environments where you need 3D/4D solutions and not 2D mapping applications. Through our Digital Earth Platform, TerraNexus, we can help you take the complexity out of the asset management challenge - at both the local …
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Scientific Software Products


Mortilver is a data driven analytics engine that enables rapid predictive models of Near-Infrared Spectral data using robust statistical approaches. Mortilver is a novel data driven approach to the problem of correlating spectral signatures to chemical assay data.

Mortilver is currently configured for applications in the Oyster and Shellfish industry, …

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TerraNexus is a scalable 3D Spatial Reference Framework for the Earth. It defines the Earth from its core to outer space at multiple scales – from micro to global.

TerraNexus is a platform that supports multiple DGGS implementations in both 2D (Surface) and 3D (Volumetric) modes. The core technology of …

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