Our Expertise

Discrete Global Grid Systems

Our Digital Earth Platform, TerraNexus, is the world's first commercially focused Volumetric DGGS. TerraNexus enables clients to integrate data from multiple sources, at multiple scales and in 3D/4D.

We are pioneers in the development, standardisation and implementation of DGGS. We have led the world in the challenge of taking DGGS from an academic curiousity to being a commercial ready technology that can improve the efficiency of working with geospatial data by 80-90%.

Panagaea Innovations is one of only a handful of organisations in the world who have the technical knowledge and experience to build and provide DGGS tools and services to empower organisations to realise the value of Digital Twins at scale.

If you would like to know more about our expertise in Discrete Global Grid Systems and their applications we're happy to talk.

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