Our Vision

The growing challenges facing our global society requires us to think outside the box. With our digitally enabled lives and our drive to better understand our world, data production is growing exponentially.

We cannot solve the environmental and societal challenges we are facing without first solving the problem of the "Data Deluge" as we move beyond the "Big Data Era" and into the "Huge Data Era" (where Moore's Law no longer prevails).

At Pangaea Innovations we believe the value in data is not in what it cost you to acquire it, but what you can use it to do. Our aim is to provide cost-effective, value-added data solutions to our clients to help them achieve their goals using their own data without them needing to be domain experts themselves.

We provide solutions that allow our clients to leverage and integrate their data, derive knowledge and develop insights that will help their business grow sustainably.

At Pangaea Innovations we are experts in solving the the "Big Data" problem at both the local and global scales. We are making the Digital Twin a reality!

Our mission is to help clients break down their data barriers and to enable them to truly realise the potential in their data and to work smarter, faster and cheaper.