Our Beginnings

Pangaea Innovations was established in 2015 in response to a market need for new and innovative data solutions that leverage the data fusion capabilities of digital earth and environmental assessment technologies.

Our early years have been focused on Research and Development - identifying critical issues that are holding various industry sectors back and, through that process, developing prototype tools that demonstrate the value of the Data-Driven approach.

We are a flexible and innovative business based in Canberra, Australia but providing services to the entire world.

One of our first projects was focused on research and development of novel data-driven technologies to operationalise the assessment of organism health for Oyster and other high value bivalve species that are key indicator species for localised impacts of climate change. By providing tools that enable rapid and reliable assessment of organism health we are providing tools for the global Oyster and wider aquaculture industry to help them mitigate the risks to their business posed by the local impacts of climate change.

We have also developed a novel, patent-pending, spatial data infrastructure (TerraNexus) that enables location information to be integrated in 3D in a scalable way (from nanometre to global scales).

Having done the hard work in early Research & Development to prove the science behind our novel solutions we are now focusing commercialising our technologies to bring them to the global market.